Webinars and Programs

Transforming Public Sector Organizations with process discovery

Learn the challenges and how to confront and overcome these challenges when adopting automation software to improve public sector business practices. You’ll will learn “best practices” on picking the right automation process, where to start, what lessons have been learned, and what have been the significant benefits achieved, A must attend webinar for the digital savvy and those who want to excel in the future.

Who is Winning the Automation Race: Government or the Private Sector?

The webinar provides perspectives of starting and scaling of RPA and Intelligent Automation programs in both public and private sectors and the benefits they bring to organizations that adopt it.

Delivering Better Student College Experiences Through RPA: The Virginia Precedent

Find out how Colleges and Universities are using software automation to improve student experiences and allowing institutions to become more effective and efficient.  You’ll hear from William and Mary (W&M), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Virginia Sate University (VSU), and George Mason University (GMU).  You will also learn about the different programs, departments and activities across the country where RPA is being used in higher education.

Technology Leadership: A conversation with Keith Krach

Hear Keith J. Krach, former chairman and CEO of DocuSign, co-founder of Ariba, and former Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment discuss leadership lessons in the global digital economy. You will walk with practical suggestions, insights, and Krach’s experiences which can help you obtain success. Krach is routinely asked to speak at Universities and International Forums.

First RPA as-a-Service and the state of Virginia’s digital transformation leadership

“Virgina is the first in the nation of utilizing ‘end to end” use of RPA to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of state government. What does this mean for VA citizens? How did it come about? What are the expectations for the future?

Join GMU Schar School of Policy and Government’s RPA Initiative and Jonathan Xavier Ozovek, COO of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) for a conversation about VITA’s perspective on RPA, how the state of VA is positioning itself to lead RPA adoption in public sector throughout the country, what opportunities the VA government can seize and future challenges for RPA implementation in state government.”

The Future of Digitalization, Automation/RPA and Work

Hear internationally celebrated author, Ian Barkin, Intelligent Automation: Welcome to world of Hyperautomation, talk about what digitalization means for the nation and globe. You gain insights into the speed of technological change, its impact on institutions, and how you can prepare yourself to stay relevant.

Careers and Job Opportunities in the Robotic Process Automation Industry: What’s needed to succeed?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a fast growing sector in the economy. Find out what employers are looking for and the skills needed. Slight computer coding a plus, but not necessary. A great opportunity to learn about RPA careers, making a difference in helping government be more effective and efficient. Fascinating and meaningful work.

RPA – Current use and future strategies for the DOD

GMU Schar School of Policy and Government Professor David Rehr, Co-founder of the Robotic Program Automation (RPA Initiative) and Erica Thomas, the Director of Digital Transformation and RPA Program Manager at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) discuss how RPA is evolving at the DOD: Center of Excellence, benefits, impact and challenges.

Advancement of RPA in the Public Sector

What is the future for RPA in the Public Sector? Hear from UiPath Vice President, Public Sector, Chris Townsend and Dr. David Rehr discuss how the public sector is embracing RPA, what challenges exist, and how the technology can help mission success.

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Maximizing Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The General Service Administration (GSA) Journey and Success

Join Dr. David Rehr and top GSA officials to discuss how RPA is evolving at the GSA, RPA process implementation, benefits, and challenges. Learn first-hand how the GSA is helping to spearhead RPA efforts across the federal government while harnessing the power of creativity, innovation, and technology to face the future and deliver stakeholder value.